Posted by: thetomarellifamily | March 20, 2013

We Made a Wish Today

Early this morning, while snuggled in bed, I found an eyelash on Blake’s cheek. I told him, “Eyelashes are special and when you find one you get to make a wish.” He didn’t fully understand but we agreed that our wish was for healthy brothers or sisters. So, I took it from his cheek, we said our wish out loud, and blew the eyelash off of my finger. Funny how he really loves little moments like that. A minute later, he was asking if I could find another eyelash. :)

I recently read a blog post about bringing another child (or children) into this world when you just have one. And that God has chosen THIS child to be an older sibling. To teach the younger one(s). To be able to handle maybe a little less attention than before. To be a good role model. It’s making me feel better that Blake is taking on this special big brother role… in just a few days. He’s going to be great!




  1. I love him! He’s going to be AMAZING at taking on the role of the big “B!” Is it possible that I’m more excited for the babies than you? JK! Before I read this post I had just told Davie, “Babe! The twins are going to be here in 2 days!!! I’m so excited!” I cannot wait to meet them, learn their sex and names and welcome them to our family! Will be praying for you, Mike and Blakey! Love you to pieces!

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