Posted by: thetomarellifamily | February 20, 2013

My Maternity Shoot

After A LOT of convincing, I decided to get a few pictures taken of my pregnant body carrying these twins. Originally, I wanted to include Blake and surprise Mike with the pictures. But, of course the day came and all Blakey wanted to do was play outside with his friends. Then, trying to get past a husband who never really sees you dolled up anymore… Long story short–questions were asked, I broke down and told Mike I was off to get pictures done, and Blakey had a wonderful afternoon riding around on his bike with his buddies on the block.

This post is mostly to share what a complete talent our go-to photographer (CHARD photographer) is. He not only made me feel comfortable but the pictures look flawless (and I’m definitely not). If you are getting married, need family portraits done, are having a child or two… I would definitely recommend him.

Here’s to some conceitedness! Just a few of my favorites:



  1. OMG! Beautiful, you are flawless, with CHARD or not, you look AMAZING! LOVE LOVE LOVE these photos! xoxo

  2. Beautiful Jennifer!

  3. Jennifer…. you are the most beautiful pregnant women. Those are gorgeous photos…. We are soooooooooo excited for all of you. Love T

    Terry Possemato-Zeber 714.425.3986

  4. You look SO pretty! I’m glad you decided to share. :) He does such a great job. Love the location.

    • Thanks B. Can you believe that barn has already been torn down!!? You’re next! :)

  5. oh my gosh Hen you look amazing!!! Love the teal backgrounds they look amazing with your coloring and your adorable belly!!

    • Thanks so much Karlee! Can’t wait for you to meet these babies. xoxo

  6. Jen,
    You look sooooooooooo great!! I cant wait for the twins to arrive. Remember your Aunt that lives the closest for babysitting. XXXOOO

    • Thank you Aunt Peggy! Blake was practicing his golf swing today and I thought of you. He’s ready! xoxo

  7. Oh Jen, you just made me cry. You are so beautiful. I need a copy. Can I get one?

    • Aw Aunt Nancy! THANK YOU. And yes, of course, you can get a copy. I’ll send it in the mail with your Christmas card. ;)

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