Posted by: thetomarellifamily | February 18, 2013

33 Weeks

Today was a two-part doc appointment and I anxiously awaited to hear how much these babies have grown. Twin A is four pounds, four ounces and Twin B is four pounds, two ounces. I now know what my mom felt when she was carrying me… a big eight plus pounder.

The ultrasound showed that their heads are together (cute!) on my right side and the feet are facing down (also together) on the left. No wonder one side of my body feels completely beat up.

Contractions. Uncomfortableness. Feeding frenzies. Daily intake of Tums. I’m ready!

Pic, courtesy of myself because I get ready about one day a week and it’s usually at a time Mike isn’t around. And then by the time he does get home, I’m back in comfies. Add: “Can’t get myself dressed because I fall over” to the list above.



  1. How cute! It looks like your belly has dropped. So exciting, it’s getting so close!!! Yay!! <3 <3

  2. Okay Mama! You have totally dropped!!! Those babies are “low.riding.” OMG cannot believe they’re almost here! love you lots!!!

    • Lol! Okay.. it’s not just me then. Because I feel like when I sit down, my gut literally hangs on my legs! Love you!

  3. You look beautiful my baby! Looks like the twins are almost ready to make their appearance! love you!

  4. you look great can t wait to be a grandpa again

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