Posted by: thetomarellifamily | February 7, 2013

B’s Three Year Check-up

Today, we went to the doctor for Blake’s annual check-up.

Can you believe…?

1. He’s in the 90th percentile for height.
2. His weight is in the 50th percentile.
3. And, of course, he’s borderline anemic just like his mom. Time for some beef!

Our little guy did great–not one tear when they pricked his finger for the iron test or when they poked his arm for the flu shot. All that he said was, “That hurts.” Such a little love.

Pic below: Us playing ‘work’ in the afternoon. Pen behind the ear. Old cordless phone in hand, making some calls.



  1. Little sweetsies! 💙

  2. Growing up so fast you handsome boy!

  3. looks good

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