Posted by: thetomarellifamily | January 27, 2013

My Rustic Owl-Themed Baby Shower

Last weekend, my loving sister, cousin, and mom threw we an intimate baby shower for the twins. At first, I was planning on having something after the babies were born (since we aren’t finding out the sexes) but after some convincing, a shower was planned to take care of the necessary stuff (and so much more). Since it was just going to be my family, I envisioned it as a: let’s grab some sammies, kick up our feet, chat about girl stuff, maybe watch a movie, really relaxed baby shower. Then I walked in.

I’m warning you now, I posted way too many pictures. But the DETAILS. And the love and energy that went into making it such a memorable day: from the cute “When is the water going to break?” plastic baby-in-an-ice cube-game, to the delicious sit down lunch, to the table decor, to the adorable invitations. My family is an amazing one.

Thank you Jamie, Crystal, and Mom. I love you.

P.S. Check out Crystal’s blog for even more inspiration if you are planning a baby shower with an owl theme. She shares about how they did everything, where they bought most of the goodies, the cute games we played, etc.



  1. it lookedlikefun

  2. Such cute decorations! Your family definitely did well!!!

    • I know! I walked in and couldn’t stop looking at everything. Definitely a lucky girl. :)

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