Posted by: thetomarellifamily | December 29, 2012

A Rainy Saturday

Sometimes I forget to blog about what a typical day is like in the Tomarelli household. I want to capture big events, like birthdays and holidays, but also the little things too. I know we’ll look back at this and be thankful for a few photos that captured just an average rainy day.

The funny thing is, this wasn’t an average day. Today was the first time Blake saw a movie at a real movie theater. I know it may not seem like much, but taking a very active little boy to an hour and a half movie could have been a challenge. We all enjoyed popcorn and juice while watching Monsters, Inc. And after an hour of the show, we decided to go. Blake couldn’t resist the stairs.

It was still raining so we headed off to Jump ‘n’ Jammin (a local place that has a bounce house and random obstacle courses) which was a madhouse of little ones running around. B burned off so much energy that he fell asleep around 5:30 p.m. Wish us luck once 3 a.m. rolls around.. He’ll be jumpin’ into our bed asking for cartoons and pancakes!

1. After a shower, Blake waking up Daddy wearing his new robe. He’s such a little man. // 2. B playing with his favorite Christmas gift–the green trash truck from Tia. // 3. Sipping on some juice and getting comfy in the theater. // 4. Picture of us before the show starts. // 5. & 6. Crawling through the maze and posing for a picture at J’n’J.




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