Posted by: thetomarellifamily | October 16, 2012

15 Weeks

Well, I’ve grown.

I’m finally kinda looking pregnant. And I’m definitely feeling the pains of being pregnant–hello sciatica! With Blake, I got a taste of this uncomfortableness that runs down my back to my bootie. Yes, my bootie. And now with the twins, I’m that girl with a thumb shoved into her “cheek” walking along trying to just get from one room to another.

Four months is just around the corner. Can’t wait to see what new things I can share!



  1. And still as tiny as can be. =)

  2. So amazing my darling daughter!

  3. I’m almost 16 weeks and sciatica is killing me!! What has worked for alleviating the pain?

    • I’m constantly in pain without any cures to share. Everyone says to get adjusted by a chiropractor but I’ve never been. Not sure I want to start now! :) If you find something that helps, let me know!

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