Posted by: thetomarellifamily | October 12, 2012

Lake Las Vegas

Gosh a few weeks ago already, we took a family trip to Lake Las Vegas. My mom took care of all the details–the hotel was gorgeous, the rooms were perfect, we were close to Lake Mead. It couldn’t have been a better time.

I think some of my favorite memories include Blake playing with Tess (the dog), playing darts with Aaron, Jamie, Mike, and John, watching Blake go down the water slide with Mike, finding two turtles with Blakey who live at the hotel, hearing the stories of Blake going on the inner tube with Jamie and Mike for the first time, and enjoying a minute with my mom at dinner to chat about the future (still can’t believe twins are on the way).

Now, time for the pictures that really show how much fun we had! That first one is B jumping from bed to bed. See? Fun!



  1. Reblogged this on ochelepep and commented:
    What a joy for a family closeness, good

  2. Let me know if this post shows for you… still a little behind times. That last photo of Blake with turtle is adorable…. and are you sure there are twins in there? Jen you look beautiful, lean… healthy. Take good care. Terry

    Terry Possemato-Zeber

    • Hi Terry! Yes, your comment is up! Thank you for the compliment… I feel bigger and bigger everyday. I hope you and your family are doing well. We miss you!

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