Posted by: thetomarellifamily | June 7, 2012

Happy People

You know those weeks when it seems like every person you come in contact with is cranky, selfish or just plain rude?

Well, this past week it was the complete opposite. I’m thankful for them… because I needed a little happiness.

So, who are these people?

1. McDonald’s Drive-Thru Guy: My weakness and special treat some days is an Iced Vanilla Coffee from McDonald’s. So occasionally, I visit the local McD’s and after I pay and get my hands on that caffeine goodness, the same drive-thru guy who has the morning shift says, “Have a blessed day!” It may sound silly but for a little while after that, I’m happy and have a smile on my face.

2. Ashley (pictured with me): Mike and I went to a wedding last weekend and this blonde girl waved to us while we were walking into the church. I thought.. Hmm.. she kinda looks familiar but I’m not sure if she’s waving at us since we are with such a huge group of people. After the ceremony, everyone visited outside and it clicked… she’s the cousin of the groom who I was looking forward to seeing at the wedding! She grew up–hair curled, cute dress, and HEELS. She’s always happy. I like that.

3. Liz: Mike and I HAD to go to an Angels game on Tuesday to take one of his potential clients out. It was my first, real “take out the clients” event. I was nervous because it was a husband and wife. Is she going to talk through nine innings of baseball? Are we going to have anything in common? What a waste of worrying. She was kind and talkative and for a woman who has a 20-year-old rather than, like me, a two-year-old, we had tons in common. She made me realize that I need to go in to things with an open mind.

When I’m feeling like the world just isn’t nice anymore, I’m going to come back to this post and remind myself that happy people might just be around the next corner…or the McD’s drive-thru. ;) Hope you are having a great week!


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