Posted by: thetomarellifamily | May 17, 2012

An Awesome Book!

When, or if, you have kids, you become a little obsessed with decoding baby talk, holidays, and books. One of my favorite books that Mike’s mom had stored away for our unborn baby was Love You Forever by Robert Munsch. It’s a rough one to get through without tissues nearby.

Today, as I worked, checked my very-limited RSS feed, flipped through my instagram pics, browsed blogs, I noticed a lot of publicity for this children’s book called An Awesome Book!. So, I took a look. It’s inspiring. Not only for little ones; it speaks to adults just the same. The great thing about the author, Dallas Clayton, is that he had a dream of writing and publishing a book. But no one wanted to help him. So he did it himself. Watch this.

Dallas also went on to feature the book (for free!) online. Take a look here. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

It’s time to dream big!



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