Posted by: thetomarellifamily | April 22, 2012

KeeKee (Mickey) Mouse

Blake LOVES that Dumbo. It’s right outside of (obviously) the Dumbo ride as well as the Casey Jr. Train. His favorite, by far, is that Train so it’s a good distraction for about 1.2 minutes while waiting in line.

We visited Disneyland Sunday, April 22 and it was packed. Papa, Gamma (hot lady next to Blake in the picture), Mike, Blake, and I got there in the afternoon. The usual happened–Mike was hungry, Blake got cranky, Papa looked like a Golf Pro in his well-put-together outfit, and Gamma had snacks to distract Blake in her backpack. Oh.. and I was worn out after ride three.

When Mom suggested we stop over to “see” the wine/vineyard restaurant in California Adventure, I nearly dropped everything and started walking that way. But, as always, my precious Blake reminded me that Toddler Time comes first. :) We had a great day with the grandparents!



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