Posted by: thetomarellifamily | April 12, 2012

What life is all about: Easter 2012

Such fun!

I haven’t blogged in awhile and feel awful about it. I promised myself to keep at least an online journal/diary of what was going on in Blake’s life… and so, it’s time to start up again.

We had a GREAT time at Easter this year… Tommy and Blake got to play with water balloons and shoot each other with water guns, and hunt for eggs; The guys got to watch The Masters; The girls got to play with the kiddies and munch on deviled eggs, lemon cupcakes, and ham sandwiches. It was perfect.

Mallory just sent me an email that read:
“Thank you Jenn for including us! We all had a really good time. I picked Thomas up from school on Tuesday for Ryan, and as soon as we started driving home he told me “We go to Blake’s house?” :) We will have to have to plan something soon, so the next generation of cousins can play together!”



  1. Looks like fun, so sorry I missed it! I {HEART} my family and miss you guys! xoxo

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