Posted by: thetomarellifamily | June 8, 2011

20.5 Months Old

Because of my baby Blake…

I hope to capture a little bit of what is going on in our lives.

So, here it goes:

We are currently living in an apartment in Aliso Viejo that is beginning to feel smaller and smaller each day. Blake is happiest anywhere but inside–and we feel his pain. Disneyland and Aquarium of the Pacific passes have thankfully kept us busy.

Blake is growing taller everyday. He weighs around 25 lbs. and loves breakfast. Some of his favorite things to eat include homemade banana pancakes, macaroni and cheese with veggies, and french fries when Gamma watches him. Yum! He can walk up stairs, blow kisses, give great hugs around your head, hold (or pull) your hand to take you to play, flip through pictures on an iPhone, play hide and seek, and help with laundry by throwing his clothes in the dryer.

We laugh the most when Blake sees a bird and says, “Ca-Ca!” or rides a train and says, “Woo-Woo!” while doing his arm motion. He has such a personality… Can’t wait to share more.


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