Posted by: thetomarellifamily | April 24, 2011

Hop Hop – Easter 2011

Easter was such a fun day. Well… not only the day-of but leading up to it as well.

Easter Bunny & Blakey

The Highlights:
4/2/11–Blake-size Easter Bunny
So, we went to South Coast Plaza to walk around not planning on doing anything Easter related. But as we rounded the corner, there sat the fluffy, mechanical, dog-resembling, talking Bunny. Because there wasn’t a line, we decided to do it. I have to admit–the thing was freaky. Blake loved it though because it talked to him…like real sentences, “Hi Blake. I’m the Easter Bunny.” He loved it so much that before we left while giving it a hug, he almost ripped the creepy thing’s head off.

4/23/11–Vinegar & Blakey don’t mix
The night before Easter, we decided to dye eggs. A gallon of vinegar and a fun Easter kit might sound like a good time but with a one year old, not so much.

End result: Mike attempted to dye one egg, Blake broke another egg, and I finished up the rest on the kitchen counter.

Where's the egg?

4/24/11–Easter Day

Even though he’s little, Blakey sure is smart and completely understood the fun of finding Easter eggs. I shared this picture with Jamie and a few others because it was the cutest.

We ended up at my mom’s house and spent the day hunting for eggs and enjoying some family time.

Gosh, I can’t wait to have more kiddies. Love you!


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